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SmartServer 2.0 FT Standard SR2
i.LON SmartServer 2.0 FT Standard SR2 with LonWorks, Modbus TCP, Modbus RT, and M-Bus support; built-in Web server, scheduling, alarming, and data logging applications.
Product usually ships in 48 hours. 
Model #:  72101R-430
Price:  US $695.00

The server not only allows you to access, control, and monitor electronic devices, but also lets you use data intelligently to save energy, improve operations, and lower maintenance costs. Easy to deploy and manage, and capable of both local and remote control, the SmartServer offers unparalleled flexibility. Use it as a standalone server, or integrate it with the control system of your choice. With built-in drivers for industry-standard protocols like Echelon’s LonWorks® technology, SOAP/XML, Modbus, M-Bus, digital I/O, and pulsecount input, and custom driver support for everything else, the SmartServer offers unprecedented connectivity at no extra cost.

  • Built-in Web pages for setup, network installation commissioning, scheduling, alarming, data logging, and network integration
  • The included i.LON Vision 2.0 Web Authoring Tool lets you create custom Web pages quickly and easily
  • Web services using SOAP/XML
  • LNS® Remote Network Interface (RNI) for local or remote connection to LNS or OpenLDV™ applications including the LonMaker® Integration Tool
  • TP/FT-10 free topology twisted pair ISO/IEC 14908-1 (LONWORKS) with built-in LonWorks transceiver
  • ModBus, M-Bus support
  • Built-in Scheduling, Alarming, Data logging, and Meter reading

Additionally, i.LON SmartServer IP-852 Routing can be upgraded and Custom Applications and Drivers can be installed after upgrading the i.LON Programmabilty feature.

See the datasheet for additional details and specifications.


i.LON SmartServer 2.0 Programming Tools DVD
US $950.00
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US $770.00
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